I had such a blast competing in Canada for the first time.  My team, Duke Diving, traveled to Montreal, Quebec, to compete at the CAMO International Invitational.  I got to meet a lot of great divers from all over the world.  I competed in the 1 meter springboard, the 3 meter springboard, and the 10 meter platform events.  It was a tough competition, but I was fortunate to win two Gold Medals – one on 1 meter and one on 3 meter.  I also won the Silver Medal on the 10 meter platform.  I had hoped to win the platform event too, but I had a little trouble on one of my dives.  I missed the Gold by 4 points!  I am still happy that I dove pretty well, and more importantly, I got to dive with my new team from Duke!!  The whole team was amazing.  I think almost the entire team made the finals in at least one event!  I wish my dads could have gone with me to watch me compete.  But it was cool bringing them home three souvenirs!!!

Duke Diving Team

Diving for Duke

My family moved to North Carolina so that I can train at Duke University.  I am pretty excited to be diving with my new coaches, Nunzio Esposto and Katie.  In less than a month, I have learned 3 new dives and am getting ready to compete in Canada!  When we get back from Canada, I will be traveling to Texas for the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier Event and then the Winter National Championships.  It is going to be a pretty busy December.

I started my new school also.  I am now attending International Connections Academy.  It is a fantastic school that gives me the flexibility to be able to train 6 hours a day and still get a great education.  I am pretty thankful for everything!

Junior Pan American Games


Hi everyone, I traveled to Tucson, Arizona, in September to compete at the Jr. Pan American Championships for Team USA on all three events.  I competed against Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Peru and Venezuela.  I won the Platform Event and took home the only Gold Medal won by a man for Team USA!  I am pretty happy that I dove well in my first Jr. Pan American Championship.  It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

I met a lot of competitors from different countries who became my friends.  We all stayed in the same hotel, so we got to hang out a lot.  I am hoping to compete for Team USA at the Pan American Championships next!

In December, I will be trying to earn a spot on the Team for the Youth Olympic Games that will be held in China…that would be an awesome trip!

2012 Olympic Trials in Federal Way, Washington

Wow! Olympic Trials was a blast.  I knew it was going to be fun, but I didn’t know it was going to be that much fun.  I loved being able to dive with the best divers in the USA.

If you got to watch the Trials on NBC Sports Network, then maybe you had a chance to see me dive.  Even though I didn’t make the Olympic Team this year, I reached my goal and that was to make the finals.  I finished in 6th, which was right where my coach wanted me to be.  Now, I am getting ready for Jr. Nationals and Sr. Nationals.

I hope I do well at Jr. Nationals so I can represent the USA at the Jr. world Championships in Australia!  That would be so cool!

So,  I am going to work hard, and keep my fingers crossed!



Hi everyone!

2011 Senior National Championship

Hi everyone.  I am excited that I am going to be able to write to everyone out there, and you can write back to me.  I want to use this blog as a way of letting you know how I am doing in reaching my goals in diving and to let you know what is happening in my life.

My first goal this summer is to win the Olympic Trials and make the Olympic Team for Synchonized 10 meter platform.  I am working on a couple new dives and I will try to post a video soon.  I’m going to have an awesome list, so I can’t wait to compete it!  Even if we don’t make the Olympic Team this year, I am going to work my hardest to make the 2016 Olympic Diving Team!  It is going to be in Rio, Brazil — that is why I called this blog, “The Road to Rio”.

I have been going to a few book signings with my dad.  It has been great.  A friend of my dad’s invited us to a book fair at Pike Township High School.  His mom, Mrs. Boulais, was so nice!  We had a lot of people want to buy our book.  I felt very proud when some of the kids recognized me from the Disney Channel and asked to take a picture together.  It was cool.  I was a little shy, but it was really nice that people asked.  I felt bad for one little girl who bought a book but lost it somewhere at the program.  I asked my dad if we could give her another copy and he said I could.  She was so happy!  That made me feel good inside.

One last thing for today.  I just found out that my papi’s friend is a teacher in North Carolina.  His name is Stephen Stepp.  His classroom may do a class project about my diving.  I would love to send them a few books for their classroom.  It would be cool to have a classroom in North Carolina cheering for me at Olympic Trials in June!  Wooo-hooo!