USA Diving FINA Grand Prix and World Championship TeamTrials

I was excited to be named a member of the US National Team and to represent the United States at the FINA Grand Prix in Fort Lauderdale.  I dove synchro 10 meter and had an amazing time!  It was cool meeting and competing against other divers from all around the world.  After the Grand Prix, I competed at the World Championship Team Trials.

I finished in 3rd in 10 meter synchro and 4th in the men’s 10 meter individual.  I scored personal bests which was very cool.  I got six 10′s on my back 3 1/2 tuck.  That was so cool.  I am working hard learning a couple more tough dives to add to my Senior List.

I am going to have fun competing this summer at the Junior National Championships and the Senior National Championships!

2013 has been a pretty cool year so far!  Getting ready for Rio in 2016!

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