Hi everyone!

2011 Senior National Championship

Hi everyone.  I am excited that I am going to be able to write to everyone out there, and you can write back to me.  I want to use this blog as a way of letting you know how I am doing in reaching my goals in diving and to let you know what is happening in my life.

My first goal this summer is to win the Olympic Trials and make the Olympic Team for Synchonized 10 meter platform.  I am working on a couple new dives and I will try to post a video soon.  I’m going to have an awesome list, so I can’t wait to compete it!  Even if we don’t make the Olympic Team this year, I am going to work my hardest to make the 2016 Olympic Diving Team!  It is going to be in Rio, Brazil — that is why I called this blog, “The Road to Rio”.

I have been going to a few book signings with my dad.  It has been great.  A friend of my dad’s invited us to a book fair at Pike Township High School.  His mom, Mrs. Boulais, was so nice!  We had a lot of people want to buy our book.  I felt very proud when some of the kids recognized me from the Disney Channel and asked to take a picture together.  It was cool.  I was a little shy, but it was really nice that people asked.  I felt bad for one little girl who bought a book but lost it somewhere at the program.  I asked my dad if we could give her another copy and he said I could.  She was so happy!  That made me feel good inside.

One last thing for today.  I just found out that my papi’s friend is a teacher in North Carolina.  His name is Stephen Stepp.  His classroom may do a class project about my diving.  I would love to send them a few books for their classroom.  It would be cool to have a classroom in North Carolina cheering for me at Olympic Trials in June!  Wooo-hooo!

11 thoughts on “Hi everyone!

  1. I found your blog through another post somewhere about the Olympics. You are too cute! I love watching diving, and I hope you have a great Trials. You seem to have a great head on your shoulders and fantastic support system. I know your dads will be proud of you no matter what. Good luck!

  2. This is awesome. I couldn’t get through this blog without crying and feeling so much joy for you and your family. Your dads must be very proud. I can’t wait to hear more about your journey.

  3. Who wouldn’t be proud of a amazing kid like you! Jordan you are an inspiration, good luck on the Olympic Trials! I know you’ll work hard and make everyone cheer for you! I will be one!

  4. I met you today at Indy Pride. I am so glad you and your dads were in the parade. Good luck with your diving. Lots of people in Indy pulling for you!

  5. You should be very proud of yourself for being the youngest diver to go to the Olympic Trials. You should post videos and pictures of yourself diving. It is a real shame that NBC did not show any of your dives on TV. You will be at the 2016 Olympics, I know it. Congratulations on being the best.

  6. I had to write and tell you that I was watching the Disney Channel with some of the grand kids tonight.
    I was shocked and pleased to see the mirror image of my son Max on T.V. My son Max turned 12 in May, and he too is from Cambodia. He is also an awesome athlete, and his life revolves around baseball, basketball, track and soccer.
    Max was in Siem Reap, in an orphanage when we picked him at the age of 2. We do not know his real date of birth but the doctors all estimated his age. Jordans smile and attitude is very much like Max and I was very happy to see that….Incredible kids.
    We live in Maine, near a town called Bangor. Jordan I hope you continue to do well with diving, and know that you have a “twin” living in Maine. Take Care…Tom, Max’s dad….

    • Mr. Perkins,
      I think it is cool that you adopted a little boy from Cambodia too. I would love to meet Max some day. Maybe will go visit Maine sometime. I know my dad said MAPS is who helped him adopt me. It would be cool to visit there also.

      Tell Max, “hey!” for me.


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